January 15th, 2007


BH Help

I am toying with the idea of someone else helping me with Battousai High.

Bottom line: I need a colorist.

Payment: None. I have no moneys. T_T But you will get to see the first page to BH. That's a plus. =D And I will put your name on the Battousai High website in the banner as colorist.

How often: Twice a month. If that is too much, let me know. But let's start with that.

If you're interested... just drop me an IM, an email, or comment. I'll need to see pieces you have done, and will give you an old page of BH to color and see how it turns out.

Props? You will get your name added to my BH website: Coloring by (your name here)

Just an idea... if there's no takers, I won't be discouraged.

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