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Alright, I guess all of the comments I recieved got me in a creative mood.. lol I just wrote this off the top of my head, feel free to read it. It's my first fanfic ever... lol! I'm really nervous about it, but eh, anyway. Here's the summary for ya.

Kaoru walks home one evening only to be followed, and ambushed. Although help arrives in the form of Yahiko Myojin, it doesn't seem to be enough and their lives are soon in peril, until a mysterious stranger shows up to their rescue. Upon waking, Kaoru finds herself in a strange home and unable to leave. As time passes,she slowly grows a fondness for the man that saved her life. Set in modern times and rated R for language and such... BKK

That is all.

Fall To Pieces

You guys rock <3

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